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Milliman Adaero is the market-leading cyber risk quantification solution for the financial services and insurance industries. With Adaero, you can quantify cyber risk quickly and plausibly to support capital allocation, stress testing, risk management, and regulatory compliance. For cyber risk insurers, Adaero supports enhanced risk modeling for product development and pricing.

Adaptive and up-to-date

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Use a dynamic, iterative approach to evaluating and managing cyber risk.

Data-driven estimates

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Improve results with access to a library of large loss event case studies for model calibration.

Tailored relevant results

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Validate model veracity with loss event data tailored to industry and company size.

In-depth capabilities

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Analyze company-specific vulnerabilities using simple, non-invasive methods.

Output you can use

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Gain insights that matter with recommendations on what to do next.

Benefits of the solution

  • Rapid, in-depth insights

    Using a robust simulation engine, Adaero runs thousands of iterations using a vast library of data to achieve high levels of integrity in evaluating your company’s cyber risk. Milliman’s heritage in quantifying risk and modeling provides confidence for decision makers that cyber risk estimates are plausible and insightful.

  • Accelerate your cyber risk program

    Adaero is a subscription-based service with no infrastructure to deploy or manage. The service includes an initial cyber risk analysis and assessment to help develop your custom profile. Your subscription includes annual software and data updates and expert support.

  • Communicate and collaborate

    At an enterprise level estimate, you can facilitate effective company-wide communication about exposure and strategies for mitigation—and work more efficiently with vendors, reinsurers, and regulators.

  • Meet key standards

    Regulatory agency cyber security standards are complex and ever-changing. With Adaero, your cyber risk modeling strategy is based on the latest standards for analysis and reporting. When ratings agencies inquire about capital allocation for cyber risk, you’ll have a solid calculation at the ready.

  • Reserve with confidence

    Unlike typical reserving concerns, cyber risk may be outside the bounds of standard actuarial or risk expertise. Adaero gives you robust tools for evaluating cyber risk to support efficient capital allocation and potentially free up capital for other purposes while maintaining an acceptable risk profile based on board directives and regulatory requirements.

Key Features

  • Evaluate strategy performance

    Understand the impact of cyber risk mitigation strategies in an iterative fashion and compare the costs and benefits of various approaches.

  • Customize scenarios

    Select from a wide array of cyber attack possibilities built using the latest data to gain confidence that your model reflects real-world risks.

  • Transparent quantification

    Leverage powerful modeling techniques built in to the Adaero system that meet contemporary standards and deliver plausible estimates—without having to build them yourself.

  • Drive solutions

    Overcome challenges to understanding and communicating modeling results with built-in reports designed to highlight important outputs and recommend appropriate directions in ways that are accessible to non-specialists.

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